#30 – What is a Surface Mounted Fire Extinguisher Cabinet?

Answer: Surface-mounted fire extinguisher cabinets are mounted directly on top of the wall surface. They are particularly well adapted to areas where there are other structures such as workbenches or floor cabinets that may create a longer reach for users, and also work well in dead-end areas such as the end of a hallway. They are available in both metal and high-strength plastic construction, and in different finishes.

Unlike a semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinet or recessed fire extinguisher cabinet, surface mount units do not require modification of the existing wall structure. Where allowed by local fire codes, they are a good choice for retrofitting an area that requires portable fire protection.

More information about surface mount fire extinguisher cabinets: 
Surface-mounted fire extinguisher cabinets typically require a mounting bracket and are offered in various sizes that will accommodate 5, 10, and 20-lb. extinguishers. When cost is a factor, models are available in an injection-molded, high-strength, heat-resistant polystyrene plastic configuration.

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