#402 – What Happened to System Sensor? Introducing Safe Signal™

The name on our fire sprinkler monitoring devices has changed—but that’s about it!

QRFS shoppers may have noticed that our fire sprinkler alarm pressure switches, waterflow detectors, and other supervisory switches are now manufactured by Safe Signal™ instead of System Sensor. That’s because Honeywell, the parent company of System Sensor, sold System Sensor’s line of fire sprinkler supervisory devices to Safe Signal in April 2021.

What does this mean for our fire sprinkler supervisory device buyers?

Not much!

System Sensor is still big and in business, but its product line now exclusively focuses on smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection systems. And Safe Signal is now the manufacturer of the same devices our customers have always relied on for reliable supervision. As the company explains:

“We manufacture the same System Sensor® designed product the industry has known for over 40 years. If you’ve used System Sensor® devices, then you already know how to use Safe Signal devices.”

Crucially, a Safe Signal release after the acquisition specifies “all the same ratings and regulatory approvals as the System Sensor Honeywell product.” So, you can rest assured about code and standards compliance, product reliability, and the safety testing and listings that make those things possible.

QRFS’ Safe Signal products

Sprinkler waterflow detector

Safe Signal Waterflow Detectors are still rated to 450 PSI and suitable for indoor and outdoor use in high and low temperatures (up to 32°F to 150°F). UL-listed models have tamper-resistant cover screws to prevent unauthorized entry and a NEMA 4-rated enclosure that insulates electrical components and resists corrosion.


Fire sprinkler pressure switch

Alarm Pressure Switches are UL-listed and FM-approved for wet, dry, deluge, and preaction systems, provide an alarm response between 4 and 20 psi, and also feature a NEMA 4-rated enclosure.


OS&Y Valve Supervisory Switch

The Supervisory Switch for OS&Y Valves has a weatherproof die-cast metal housing and listing or approvals from UL, ULC, FM, MEA, and California’s Office of the State Fire Marshal.


Butterfly and PIV valve supervisory switch

The PIBV2 Supervisory Switch, which monitors butterfly valves and post-indicator valves, has a weatherproof die-cast iron enclosure and listing or approvals from UL, ULC, FM, MEA, and California’s Office of the State Fire Marshal.


Special purpose fire sprinkler supervisory switch

UL-listed and FM-approved Special Purpose Plug-in Supervisory Switches, which monitor ball, angle, and non-rising stem gate valves, have NEMA 3-rated enclosures, a lockout feature that ensures alarm signal integrity, and other tamper-resistant features.

New name. Same approvals, specs, and reliability.

Safe Signal says that its “goal is to keep all the features you like about System Sensor® products but add excellence in manufacturing processes and customer support.” QRFS welcomes them as a valued partner in fire protection!

Check out QRFS’s line of Safe Signal fire sprinkler monitoring devices. We have plans to expand our inventory with more of their products, including specialized explosion-proof supervisory switches designed for hazardous industrial settings and extreme conditions.

If you have any questions—or need help finding any fire sprinkler supervisory device—give us a call at (888) 361-6662 or email support@qrfs.com.

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