A classroom

#186 – Life Safety Codes and School Shooting Prevention

QRFS looks at how today’s life safety codes tackle the issue of school shooting prevention, explaining why many building codes prohibit the use of barriers, how fire alarms can be protected against malicious use, and how new codes streamline emergency responses to an active shooter situation.

Firefighters hanging from rope

#171 – Life Safety Rope for Firefighters: The Bulwark Safety X

As fires burn hotter and faster than ever before, a UL-listed life safety rope aims to enhance firefighter safety during rescue operations. QRFS reveals how the Bulwark Safety X static rope meets and exceeds NFPA standards and enables firefighters to perform rope rescues and escapes with confidence.

Tyco LFP Antifreeze banner

#145 – Tyco’s New LFP Antifreeze Meets NFPA Listing Requirements

As the 2022 deadline for phasing out all current antifreeze solutions in wet sprinkler systems looms, the first – and only – product to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standard is good news for property owners in regions that suffer bitter winters. QRFS reveals why current solutions were deemed unsafe and details the new solution.