Fire alarm bell

#270 – How Fire Bells and Water Motor Gongs Work with Fire Risers

Fire alarm bells connected to the system riser can provide first responders with essential information—and encourage passersby to quickly call the fire department. Learn what NFPA standards have to say about joining fire alarm bells and water motor gongs to fire risers in both standpipe and fire sprinkler systems.

#56 – Wall-Mounted Bells: Fire Bell Mounting Height

Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and standpipe systems use fire alarm bells in applications ranging from facilitating evacuation to getting the attention of firefighters. QRFS explains how fire alarm bell mounting height depends on a range of factors, including whether the bell serves a waterflow alarm or a fire alarm system.

Several fire alarm bells mounted outside

#35 – Can I Mount a Fire Alarm Bell Outside?

Like all electrical devices, fire alarm bells require extra consideration during outdoor installations. QRFS explains how fire sprinkler systems use alarm bells, discusses how you can mount a fire alarm bell outside, and sheds some light on the available weatherproofing options.