Integral Storz on a fire hydrant

#158 – Storz FDCs and Fire Hydrant Storz Connections: Adapters or Integral Storz?

Quick-connecting Storz couplings can simplify the task facing firefighters and significantly reduce the time required to connect fire hoses to fire hydrants and fire department connections. QRFS looks at the benefits and drawbacks of three products designed to make these devices Storz-ready: removable Storz adapters, permanent Storz adapters, and integral fire hydrant Storz connections.

Double jacket attack fire hose

#97 – Attack Line and Supply Hose: How to Source the Best Fire Hose

The best fire hoses efficiently move water, and lots of it. But no two kinds of hose are exactly alike. In this guide, QRFS looks at the basic types and features of fire hose, the materials that separate the best hose from the worst, and what you need to do to keep the hose you’ve got fully functional.